Celestria Serpico



Age: Depends on roleplay
Sexuality: Straight
Nickname: Ce
House: Ravenclaw
Blood status: Pure-Blood
Wand: Dogwood with a unicorn hair core, 10 3/4" and unyielding flexibility
Family: Celestria has an older brother Enzo, who she has no clue where he is. It is only her dad, Dante, and her living at their house.
Pet: Black and white cat named Zippy
Appearance: Brown long hair and brown eyes with a hint of gold when the sun hits them. 5'3.
Personality: Very quiet and reserved

Celestria, or Ce for short is sort of a mystery at Hogwarts. No one really knows anything about her, except a couple teachers. This is probably because she is very quiet and likes to keep to herself. At first glance people think she is cold-hearted but she really is not. When people do try to talk to her she pushes them away not wanting them to know about her or her family.
She walks the halls with an air of confidence, even though she is not. She does not want people knowing what she is feeling or doing, in fear they will tell her father. If her father found out she made friends, or was doing something he did not want her to do, it would not be good. She lives her life making sure she does anything to make her dad happy, Even if that means she is unhappy.
Celestria can usually be found in the Astronomy tower (when there is no class of course) reading or drawing. If she is not there then she might be in a corner of the library or the Ravenclaw common room.